2019 Han Uil – Esoteric Euphony

Han Uil ; vocals, guitars, keyboards, mixing, mastering
Peter H. Boer ; bass guitar
Aldo Adema ; bass guitar on ‘The next door bully’
Maurizio Antonini ; drums
Esther Ladiges, Caroline Joy, Kate Mitchell ; backing vocals

2018 TumbleTown – Never too late

Han Uil ; vocals, guitars, additional keyboards, mastering, producer
Aldo Adema ; guitars, bass guitar, additional keyboards, mixing, producer
Erik Laan ; keyboards, backing vocals
Arjan Laan ; drums

2015 Han – Lawless local heroes

Han Uil ; vocals, guitars, harmonica, keyboards, mixing, mastering
Esther Ladiges ; backing vocals
Erik Laan ; piano, hammond
Aldo Adema ; (bass) guitar
Sander Zoer ; drums

2013 TumbleTown – Done with the coldness

Han Uil ; vocals, guitar, programming, production, mastering
Aldo Adema ; guitar, bass, programming, production, mixing
guests; Erik Laan, Marcel Copini, Carola Magermans


Han Uil ; vocals, guitar, programming, mixing, mastering
guests ; Jaap Mulder, Aldo Adema, Carola Magermans

2008 Seven Day Hunt – File this Dream

Han Uil ; vocals
Erik Koning ; drums
Jaap Mulder ; keyboards
Aldo Adema ; guitar
guests ; Marcel Copini, Carola Magermans

2006 Han Uil – Alone

Han Uil ; guitar, vocals, sequencing, mixing, mastering
Sander Zoer ; drums
Gerwin de Weert ; keys
Jeroen Spanjaard ; bass
Han Hofman ; keys on ‘Loneliness”
Rudi van Assen ; rythm guitar on ‘The Boy’

2001 Antares – Choking the Stone

Sander Zoer ; drums
Gerwin de Weert ; keys
Klaas Pot ; guitar, mixing
Han Uil ; vocals, guitar
Jeroen Spanjaard ; bass

Earlier recordings and demo’s;

2000 The Frigus Project – Loomed Merriment
1999 The Lounge
1998 Purple Shadow – Excalibur
Purple Shadow – Fire Finishes This Day
Vertical Reality – Beyond Infinity